Date(s) - 07/31/19
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

University Book Store


Streetwear occupies that rarefied space where genuine “cool” coexists with big business; where a star designer might work concurrently with Nike, a tattoo artist, Louis Vuitton, and a skateboard company. Its the ubiquitous style of dress comprising hoodies, sneakers, and T-shirts. In the beginning, a few brands defined this style; fewer still survived as streetwear went mainstream. They are the OGs, the heritage brands. The Hundreds is one of those persevering companies, and Bobby Hundreds is at the center of it all.

This Is Not a T-Shirt cements Bobby Hundreds as a champion of an industry he helped create and tells the story of The Hundreds—with anecdotes ranging from his Southern California, punk-DIY-tinged youth to the brands explosive success. Both an inspiring memoir and an expert assessment of the history and future of streetwear, this is the tale of Bobbys commitment to his creative vision and to building a real community.

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Bobby Kim, also known as Bobby Hundreds, is an illustrator, documentarian, designer, and writer. In 2003, he co-founded The Hundreds with Ben Shenassafar. The two are also partners in Second Sons, a brand development group that incubates, structures, and facilitates other small businesses. Bobby lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. He also feels like notes about the author are redundant for memoirs.

Nick Beeba
Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Wears a bunch of hats but prefers green brim new eras. Co-Founder of Possi, Possi University & Can’t Blame The Youth. Director of Marketing for Alive & Well. Tour DJ for Macklemore.