Date(s) - 03/05/19
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Once among the healthiest countries in the world, the United States is now ranked twenty-ninth. Those who bear the brunt of our worsening health are the poor, people of color, and, most of all, our children. All Children Are All Our Children situates our ongoing health crisis within the larger picture of inequality and the complex interplay of systems in the U.S. based on class, privilege, racism, sexism, and the ongoing tension between the ideals of democracy and the realities of corporate capitalism. Caught in the middle of those tensions is public education.

All Children Are All Our Children defines what we mean by health, looking at the many factors that support or undermine it, and then identifies steps that can be taken locally in our schools and in our communities to support the health and well-being of our young people and their families, even as we work towards necessary change at the state and national policy level so that all children grow up healthy, happy, and successful–and not just some of them.

Doug Selwyn is an associate professor of education at Plattsburgh State University in upstate New York. He taught in Seattle public schools from 1984-2000. He was the Washington State Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 1990-1991, and was a member of the Washington State Council for the Social Studies board. He has written several books on teaching social studies.