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City folk in a small town, a protagonist whose life is a little bit off the rails and a guy with amber eyes and his own backstory provide fast-paced dialogue for the perfect weekend read.

Book Lovers takes us on a trip with Nora, who is at home in New York’s fast paced book industry, but struggling to stay close to a younger sister and hold on to a long-term relationship. Nora’s breakups are a story in themselves and will leave you chuckling.

Nora’s unexpected trip with her sister to small town North Carolina gives them both the chance to reset in some amusing ways. In the midst of all that, she continues to run into Charlie, who has a knack for saying just the wrong thing. You’ll enjoy the clever references to familiar plot twists and the unexpectedly heartwarming family dynamics.

There is a little lag in a couple spots, but the characters are dynamic enough to keep your attention – you’ll want to see how things work out.

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Author Emily Henry
Star Count 4/5
Format Paperback
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Berkley
Publish Date May 3, 2022
ISBN 9780593334836 Buy this Book
Category Popular Fiction