Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs

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This author had me with her preface. “My background is in science. My Ph.D is in experimental psychology and neuroscience. I like Western Medicine.” She goes on to eschew touchy-feely pseudosciences.

Brief and succinct, this is worth reading just for the clarity of definitions. Doctor Coile distinguishes early on the difference between THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)-rich strains of hemp, called Marijuana, which dominate our Western “get high” recreational subculture, and the Cannabinoid-rich strains of both Ayurvedic medicinal hemp and industrial hemp. She points out the contaminant-chelating nature of the genus, and, because of its frequent use by the Chinese to decrease heavy metal contaminants in their widely polluted soils, she emphasizes the necessity to eschew all Chinese hemp when formulating medical cannabinoids.

We have recently discovered that our bodies possess pain nerves, pressure nerves, and nerves associated with exfoliating and minute stimulation, which is why we note even an ant on our hide and take such exquisite pleasure in a good backscratch. Similarly, as detailed by the good doctor, there are cannabinoid receptors in everything from our bones to our brains. Cannabinoids, generated internally (endocannabinoids), are essential to our self-regulation of neurotransmitters. So in distress or imbalance, ingesting those cannabinoids can eliminate or mitigate many somatic and mental difficulties.

There are tables showing the multitude of compounds present in hemp, their probable effects, and their method of extraction.

Methods of extraction, screening, blending, and regularizing cannabinoids for canine use are given carefully. Using the web link for her recommended source reveals that her treatment and theirs share many features. The fact that she is donating ALL proceeds of this book to animal charities removed all suspicion of commercial collusion from my mind.

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Author D. Caroline Coile
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 104 pages
Publisher Assisi Bio Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9780997660708 Buy this Book
Issue September 2016
Category Special Interest


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