Evil in Technicolor

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Evil in Technicolor assembles a collection of macabre tales from for the collective thrill and horror of the audience. A house with unknown occupants and a mysterious backstory frames the narrative of Forgiveness is Warm Like a Tear on a Cheek. Jason is a troubled musician performing in a band capable of destruction on any given performance. Jason possesses self-destructive tendencies due to a tragic past. He ventures over to the cemetery at the bottom of the mystery house, where he soon meets a blonde stranger. Jason is entranced by the stranger and members of her family. However, his desire to follow the stranger might just seal his fate. In Blue Hole, Red Sea, Helen explores the depths of the sea and explores the treasures above and below the waves. She is prone to take risks, and soon finds more than she bargains for when she and a friend find a treasure trove of artifacts. Helen hears a warning, which would be better for all involved to heed.

A Thousand Faces Minus One witnesses the passion of Donovan. Donovan is an artist, he is pining for a whirlwind fling from his recent past. His new pet project consumes him, an epic video that threatens to unhinge Donovan’s fragile mind. Paranoia and the creeping sense of self-realization distinguish this entry. The making of a horror movie and the unknown dangers of an on-location shoot are the backbone of The Maidens of Midnight. Maxine, a B-Movie actress on the downswing of her career, becomes alarmed at the mounting casualties of her film crew as fiction becomes reality. In The Ultimate Secret of Magic, upstart magician Christopher feels an imposition when asked by young Helena to teach her his secrets. Helena is the daughter of Sergio, an impressive sorcerer in his own right. However, Helena’s inquiry has a more dire urgency than Christopher realizes. From the land of wizardry, the anthology hits upon a good old frightening. The Midnight Feast relates the story of a haunted Bed & Breakfast, where Gabriel and his crew are tasked with scaring a wealthy client. As the act unfolds, however, the secrets their client is shielding threatens more than scares.

Evil in Technicolor provides a healthy dose of scares and wonder through ten tales. In a current climate where fear pervades the narrative, this anthology provides a worthy respite from the real world and allows the reader to access escapist fictional horror and fun. Each tale leaves an indelible mark. Whether it be a grisly schlockfest or a cerebral head-scratcher, Evil in Technicolor will leave the reader with one eye open once finished. A pleasure from start to finish.”

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Author A. C. Wise
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 372 pages
Publisher Vernacular Books
Publish Date 10/1/2020
ISBN 9781952283031
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Issue September 2020
Category Horror


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