Hide and Shh! A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About Inclusion

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“Hide and Shh! A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About Inclusion” by Christina Dendy is, despite the name, a deceptively simple tale about Dinah, a school-aged girl with Down Syndrome. With relatable characters and frustrations, the story sneakily communicates what the notes in the back spell out – that individuals with Down Syndrome have the same goals and dreams as anyone else.

The book follows Dinah as she waits all week to play with her older sister, Chloe. Each girl has her own activities, suggesting their independence. However, when Dinah decides she has waited long enough, Chloe runs out to play a spy game with her peers. Dinah follows behind, and she and the big kids learn new ways to play with each other.

Readers will recognize themselves and their friends in the sibling relationship and the welcoming playgroup. The story avoids being didactic by framing Dinah as an active little girl with a strong personality and preferences. Chloe and her friends address her as they would a typical peer, and she must play by their rules just like anyone else.

The bright illustrations by Nathalia Takeyama effectively convey the characters’ emotions and show the American Sign Language Dinah uses from her cards. Just as there are many ways to play, readers can enjoy something new with each reading of this book.

“Hide and Shh! A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About Inclusion” will engage young children with its gentle action and sweet, excited characters. It is an inclusion story that has something for everyone.

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Author Christina Dendy, Illustrated by Nathalia Takeyama
Star Count 4/5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Cardinal Rule Press
Publish Date April 1, 2023
ISBN 9798985805130
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Category Parenting & Families