Remembering Ethan

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Sarah loved her older brother with all her heart. He towered above her in height. He was handsome and able-bodied, but now that he’s gone and she so desperately wants to remember him, no one wants to listen.

The only one who seems to miss Ethan as much as she does is Buttons. She has found her feline comfort on Ethan’s bed, where she soundly sleeps with her tail gently wrapped around her body, his white and blue sock never far from her side. She’s become one of Sarah’s greatest comrades in the midst of her despair.

Then, one day, after finally realizing how deeply Sarah needs them, her parents decide it’s time to celebrate the vibrant life her brother had and the sacred memories that will always be part of their lives.

Remembering Ethan is a timely story concerning the loss of a loved one and the grief a young child and her parents inevitably experience. It is a valuable contribution to the seemingly limited body of children’s literature on the topic. It’s an ideal picture book for young people aged from five to nine who have experienced a recent loss.

Additionally, Leslea Newman’s touching story is perfect for educators to employ as a curriculum addition promoting understanding and empathy within the classroom. Therapists may find it a worthy resource for youngsters impacted by loss who are otherwise hard to reach. The warm illustrations throughout this poignant text bring it to life, adding emotion and realism to the contents.

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Author Leslea Newman
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Magination Press
Publish Date 2020-04-07
ISBN 9781433831133 Buy this Book
Issue April 2020
Category Children's


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