Strategic Creativity: A Business Field Guide to Advertising, Branding, and Design

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Robin Landa’s newest book tells us upfront that it “will teach you how to get what you need from creative professionals” and it delivers.

Written as a guide to helping those in non-creative roles understand the importance of creativity in branding, Landa succeeds in developing a play-by-play to working with creative agencies and understanding the lingo, while maintaining the importance of brand integrity, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and not getting stuck in safe mode. She has written a guide that will help two very different kinds of people talk to each other and does so in an easy-to-follow and very readable style. With questions, tips, and exercises throughout, Landa shows that even the most non-creative person can learn to understand and contribute to the strategy.

While ostensibly for middle and upper management and executives who may be experts in business and strategic thinking, this book also has appeal for those in creative professions – designers, copywriters, etc – who struggle to have their opinions heard even by those paying a premium to hear them. All professionals will benefit from the interviews with industry experts at the end of each chapter, giving real-life examples and calling out the things creatives want those that hire them to remember. Worthy of being added to any office’s bookshelf and opened again and again as a reference.

A small complaint: Landa’s tendency to come up with multiple acronyms for different concepts is a little too cutesy for what is otherwise a well-written business guide.

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Author Robin Landa
Star Count 4/5
Format Paperback
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Routledge
Publish Date June 2, 2022
ISBN 9781032137797 Buy this Book
Category Technology