The Everyday Athlete Cookbook

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I’m not an athlete and might not have picked this up.  But having reviewed it, I plan to give it to at least five people this Christmas.  Those that love fitness will enjoy the pre and post workout detail, the attention to nutrition and its uses.  My friend the food scientist will be delighted to see the attention to science in these pages.  My nephew will find these exotic and easy recipes manageable with his limited cooking skills.  And my friend will enjoy the appetizing pictures, easy recipes and timing detail.
A healthy blend of workout and cooking, this book may inspire even workout-avoidant and cooking-challenged people like me to be more attentive to both.  In conjunction with clinical dietician and nutritionist Alicia Romano, the team at America’s Test Kitchen has packed this book with practical deliciousness.

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Author America's Test Kitchen
Star Count 5/5
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher America's Test Kitchen
Publish Date 31-May-2022
ISBN 9781954210042 Buy this Book
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting