The Girl in the Picture

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In Alexandra Monir’s young adult thriller, The Girl in the Picture, Chace is dead and Oyster Bay will never be the same. It starts with two girls. Lana is the girl everyone wants to know and be, whose mother is a politician. Nicole is the girl who was never really noticed as anything more than a music nerd until a scar and fight with Lana leave her a social pariah. When Congressman Porter’s son, Chace, transfers to Oyster Bay, both Lana and Nicole take notice. Lana ends up dating Chace while Nicole admires from afar and focuses on her violin. However, Chace is not what he seems, and a secret past and desire are uncovered. Police, friends, and suspects are trying to piece together what happened. Who will pay and who will get away?

The Girl in the Picture is a well written suspense novel that will keep readers guessing until the end. Monir’s characters mirror your typical teenagers with a twist. Her attention to detail and unfolding of information while holding just enough back is incredible and adds to the pace and intrigue of the story. Overall, this is a five-star young adult thriller that is one to add to your list to read.

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Author Alexandra Monir
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Delacorte Press
Publish Date 2016-11-15
ISBN 9780385743907 Buy this Book
Issue November 2016
Category Young Adult


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