Become a Reviewer

Nashville Book Review utilizes a pool of independent reviewers to provide reviews on a full range of fiction and non-fiction. If you think you would be interested in writing reviews for Nashville Book Review, here are a few things to know:

  1. Yes, you get to choose the types of books that are of interest to you. At Nashville Book Review, we review 30 different genres.
  2. Book reviews are approximately 300 words. They typically consist of a brief summary of the book and a high-level commentary related to interest level and flow. Click on All Reviews to see some examples.
  3. You will typically have 4-6 weeks to submit your review.
  4. It’s your responsibility to write an honest review based on your opinions. Don’t worry, the author has a final say to determine if they want the final review posted.
  5. Reviewers get to keep the books they review. If you conduct a sponsored review, you will also receive 20% of the fee.

We need to see how well you write, so please submit one book review sample to us. If you have more questions about becoming a reviewer, contact We look forward to working with you!