What are the benefits of a sponsored review?

A Sponsored Review means that we guarantee that we’ll review your book in the timeframe specified, as opposed to sending your book in for general consideration (in which case, it may not be selected for review). You also will have the opportunity to approve your review or trade it for an ad that will run on one of our brand websites for 30 days. So, it’s a win-win for you either way!

You’d want to order a Sponsored Review if your book is more than 90 days past publication date. Once your book passes that date, we don’t consider it for a free review. Last year, we received nearly 3,000 books to review, and we reviewed about 40% of them.

Book reviews are, ideally, something you should be lining up a few months prior to your book’s publication date. But it’s never too late to order a book review. Even if your book came out several months or years ago, a review can be used to reboot slow book sales.



“I’ve used other reviewing services, among them the very expensive Kirkus, and been dismayed at the shallow reading of my work. Only your reviewers have put in the effort to dig out my purposes and delight me with their grasp.”

Barbara de a Cuesta, Author

“Those of us who venture to write–for profit or merely for exposure–have reason to value organizations that are good for their word and good for the venture. The service I’ve received from City Book Review has been marked by integrity and fruitfulness, which can never be taken for granted in any venture, whether wordy, worldly, or merely wise.” 

Tim Jorgenson, Author of The Night Is Far Gone