Inside The Orphan Drug Revolution: The Promise of Patient-Centered Biotechnology

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James Geraghty presents scholarly work chronicling our patient-centered biotechnology journey in a way that is both accessible and richly informative.  The book is part yearbook highlighting the top contributors to this area of science, part history book marking our milestones and part inspirational story-telling grounding the reader in the “people and purpose” in this important area.
I was drawn into an understanding that feels critical.  Reading, it does not seem an overstatement to say that an understanding of the future makes this book required reading alongside contributions of writers like Walter Isaacson (The Code Breaker, 2020).
The author — a Yale-educated citizen of three countries who lives in Boston and has led many top biotech companies — offers a global perspective with scientific and business acumen born of his dedication in the field. Along with those he elevates, it is clear that Geraghty is one of the creative scientific minds of our time.  Moreover, he is a witness helping us understand the work, the narrative and the context so that we as a society can keep going on this important journey.

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Author James Geraghty
Star Count 5/5
Format Hardcover
Page Count 265 pages
Publisher Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Publish Date September 20, 2022
ISBN 9781621824688 Buy this Book
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting