It’s a crazy world that we live in, and sometimes the stress of what’s going on in our lives or the wider world can really bring us down. When you’re feeling the weight of it all, sometimes the best escape is a good book. And aside from novels, there are always plenty of straight humor books out there to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Looking for a suggestion? Read on for some of our favorite new humor releases. Whether you want to hear from funny animals, to meditate on the things that draw people together, or to simply laugh about life in general, you’re sure to find something here for you.

What I Lick Before Your Face: And Other Haikus by Dogs
By Jamie Coleman
Atria Books, $14.99, 128 pages

Every dog owner and pet lover has, at times, wondered just what their animal companions might be truly thinking. Author Jamie Coleman wants to give readers a glimpse into the canine brain with this cute and hilarious book of haikus that could believably have been written by dogs. The poems cover important subjects like food, names, cuddles, a dog’s relationship with her or his owner, and more. Better yet, every haiku is accompanied by a carefully, perfectly chosen dog photograph, with all manner of breeds represented. This hilarious book will be appreciated by dog lovers anywhere, and would make an excellent gift for anyone with a furry friend in their lives.

Excuse Me: Cartoons, Complaints, and Notes to Self
By Liana Finck
Random House Trade Paperbacks, $20.00, 416 pages

Comic artist Liana Finck has amassed quite a following for her work via social media and her regular contributions to The New Yorker, and her fans will be delighted by this collection of some of her best work. More than 500 comics are included in this surprisingly thick book, which is perfect for either binge reading or for leaving on your bedside table to pick up every now and then for a bit of fun. The comics span a wide range of topics, from art to animals to love to other emotions. Readers will find themselves stopping again and again to simply soak in how well Finck portrays these real life topics.

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed Again: (and More Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)
By Jeremy Greenberg
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $9.99, 64 pages

Cats have a reputation for being a bit aloof and non-social at times, but everyone who has ever had one in their lives knows that deep down, they really love us. And for anyone who wonders just what our cats might say to us if they could, humorist Jeremy Greenberg offers this delightful collection of letters that could have been written by cats, about subjects that matter to them (and us). Readers will love hearing how one cat is willing to give up a life in order to avoid the vet, or how another tries to understand their human’s relationship with the bathroom scale, or how another really wasn’t trying to barf on the bed at all (they were aiming for that ugly sweater). The accompanying photos are a perfect match, and this entire book is simply a delight to page through.

All Cats Are Introverts
By Francesco Marciuliano
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99, 112 pages

Felines are unique creatures, loving and snuggly at some times and outright standoffish at others. The truth is that if cats could be described with human personality traits, most, if not all, of them could be called introverts. And author Francesco Marciuliano is here to prove it in this delightful collection of poetry. Each poem celebrates some aspect of life as a cat, whether it’s a love of solitude, an understanding friend, or even occasionally trying something new. And each poem is accompanied by a fantastic photograph of a cat or kitten, cute and sweet enough to melt any cat lover’s heart. 


Let’s Be Weird Together: A Book About Love
By Brooke Barker and Boaz Frankel
Workman Publishing Company, $12.95, 112 pages

Anyone who has ever been in any sort of committed relationship can attest to the fact that love brings about its own brand of weirdness. Couples come up with their own bizarre nicknames for each other, voices for their pets, household rules, and other strange daily rituals. Wife and husband team Brooke Barker and Boaz Frankel take on the many strange ways couples build their lives together in this delightful book. Readers will enjoy musing about the weirdness of relationships together with the authors, and the illustrations are sure to make anyone laugh. This is a great book for your special someone or to give as a gift to your favorite couple.