Dark Skies

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“Lydia is a pawn in her father’s political career. To achieve his political goals, he organizes her betrothal to Lucius Cassius, which will grant her a comfortable future but little love. When Lucius no longer needs her to achieve his own political goals, he arranges for her murder. She escapes using the Xenthier, a set of pathways to other places, some of which are unknown. She ends up far from home and meets Killian. Killian is Marked with the favor of the war god, but has recently lost a battle against the Corrupted. As punishment, he is sworn to protect Princess Malahi, a nursemaid role at best. When Lydia is Marked, Killian must protect her from those who would abuse her power and save his land from invasion by the Corrupted.

Dark Skies, the second book in the Dark Shores series, follows the same timeline as the first book. While Killian is a new character, Lydia returns. She is a caring girl who gives without thinking. Most of the action takes place during the last third of the book, although the world building at the beginning sets up the action that runs until the last page. Unfortunately, the next book in the series won’t be available until March 2021.”


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Author Danielle L. Jensen
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher Tor Teen
Publish Date 5/5/2020
ISBN 9781250317766
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Issue September 2020
Category Young Adult


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