A Thousand Little Deaths

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Laura LeMoon’s collection, A Thousand Little Deaths, works on a number of levels. The least important is as a series of poems that could be categorized as anti- and un-love verse presented in a confessional tone with accompanying self-referential angst. Being technically uneven free verse that would have benefited from an editor’s guidance and a proofreader’s eye, it’s fortunate that there’s more to be gained from a thoughtful reading.

The second layer is catharsis and self-therapy. LeMoon’s biography refers to her as a sex worker, and it’s not a stretch to see her words as autobiographical. More importantly, though, is her ability to make the personal universal, offering guideposts to those sharing her experiences. Too often, this is lacking in poetry born in pain.

The third layer carries this farther. LeMoon’s advocacy work as an advisor to the United Nations gives this collection greater weight and value. It provides if we’re willing to move beyond first impressions, an opportunity to understand the reality behind the need for change.

A Thousand Little Deaths isn’t always an easy or pleasant read, but it’s always a necessary one.

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Author Laura LeMoon
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 47 pages
Publisher Weasel Press
Publish Date 2020-Nov-03
ISBN 9781948712590
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Issue February 2021
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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